Murderers Are My Life

Murderers Are My LifeIn 1990 David Scott Milton, novelist, playwright, and screenwriter, entered the state prison at Tehachapi, California to teach creative writing in the maximum-security yard. He taught there for thirteen years. His students, most of them serving life sentences without parole for murder, were some of the most notorious killers in the nation: Lyle Menendez, of the brothers Menendez; black panther leader Geronimo Pratt, who spent 27 years in prison, including eight in solitary confinement, before he was freed after his conviction was overturned; “Tiny” Contreras and “Joker” Mendoza, the assassins of the Mexican Mafia leader Rudolpho Cadena, subject of the film “American Me”, starring Edward James Olmos.

Milton has dramatized his experiences in a powerful one-man show, Murderers Are My Life, a moving, horrific 90 minute funhouse ride through the brutal world of maximum security prisons, where rehabilitation is non-existent, murder dogs your steps, and the teacher to these men is almost as much a prisoner as they are. Cynthia Citron, critic for the Beverly Hills Outlook and the San Diego Press-Heritage has written: “A thoroughly moving experience, and one of the best one-man shows I’ve ever seen.”

A live performance of Murderers Are My Life is available on DVD and for download to your computer or mobile device. You can also preview the show before purchase.


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