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For thirteen years David Scott Milton taught creative writing in maximum-security prisons. His students were some of the most dangerous men in the country, murderers serving life sentences without parole. “Murderers Are My Life” is his one-man show, a searing, ferocious, compassionate look at this stunning world.

A thoroughly moving experience, and one of the best one-man shows I’ve ever seen.
– Cynthia Citron, Beverly Hills Outlook and the San Diego Press-Heritage

For the first time ever, a live recorded performance of this transformative show is available as a downloadable video to watch on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The file is in .mp4 format and is compatible with any operating system. You can preview the show before purchase. Plus, if you buy now, $1 of the $2.99 purchase price will be donated to Jail Guitar Doors to help improve the conditions inside our nation’s prisons.

See what other visitors have to say about Murderers Are My Life:

“I just watched your one man show… it’s inspiring, moving and I’m so proud to have studied with you. It’s truly stylistically impressive how well it presents you and your work. I’m excited to share it with my husband.”

“Mesmerizing. A stunning achievement. Bravo!”

“Gritty,touching and powerful.”


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