David Scott Milton in “The Set-Up”

In “The Set-Up”, a new indie comedy, DSM plays Director Milton, head of the CIA… The role he was born for!

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2 Responses to David Scott Milton in “The Set-Up”

  1. beverly Lloyd (Applebaum - maiden name) says:

    Very cute…..you’re very credible as CIA ….
    looks like a laugh fest….
    for sure….and the CIA is something of a laugh fest as well….if only it weren’t.

    best regards, Bev

    I look forward to reading IRON CITY especially since i share your roots….mine go back to Hazelwood….

    • DSM says:

      Roots in Hazelwood… those are roots indeed! Hazelwood & Greenfield are all through “Iron City”… Did you go to Allderdice? DSM